McScruff: Top Secret Agent

Scruffy is just your average neighborhood mutt. He loves to play at a nearby farm and get stinky dirty, not just regular dirty. He loves to play with his two best friends, Belle and Trusty. And he especially loves having adventures...

The trouble is, Scruffy has a hard time understanding the difference between pretend and reality, or does he? Sometimes his friends find that annoying.

Where do Babies Go?
Four-year-old Jackson has waited patiently for his new baby sister for many months. Now that she's finally here something is wrong with her heart.

Realistic fiction told from Jackson's point of view. He wants to know what happened to Jenny and why she can't play with him. With the faith of a child he learns about forever families.

My great-grandmother was a 19th century midwife. As far as I know, she did not leave us a journal or any record of the births she delivered, so lots of research followed. 

Mormon Midwife Diaries is realistic historical fiction--journal entries from a compilation of many of the early midwives from the Salt Lake Valley. Entries that I imagine my great-grandmother would've entered in her own journal.

Thanks to The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum who supplied me with her portrait and the picture of her medical bag.

My great grandmother Henrietta


I had an article published in the Deseret News 7 August 2011 Sunday, Online Edition on the subject of the Legacy of Sacrifice.

A Legacy of Sacrifice left by Pioneer-era Midwives

1941--historical fiction--Recent grads (from St. Mark's School of Nursing) and best friends, Lucy and Nellie volunteer for the American Red Cross to serve in a London area hospital during the Blitz. They're on a mission to save Lucy's brother, James, who was shot down over the Thames. Time is running out. Can they find him before the Nazi underground (also known as the Union of Fascists) find him? He has information regarding a plot to assassinate Winston Churchill, but he also has amnesia.