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This is my most favorite bookstore ever. I love this bookstore, and because of this movie, I wanted one of my own. So. . . Here it is. It's eclectic. It's virtual. It's awesome. It's virtually awesome.

Welcome to Step Into A Storybook's Bookstore and Gifts!

Come on in and make yourself at home!

That's Right, Step Into A Storybook
has opened a Used Bookstore on
You can find it here Step Into A Storybook

The Write Journal

Writing your goals and tracking your progress
can make the difference between a hobby writer
and one who has his or her eye on the prize.

You can significantly increase your word count if you know
what you want to write before you sit down.
Tracking your progress can increase your writing confidence by allowing you to see what you can accomplish.

This journal:
* 5.5 inch by 8.5 inch with 1 inch wire bound journal
* 3 month blank calendar planner can be used any time of year

* Over 90 days worth of journal pages to track goals,
word counts, and obstacles.

*Each journal is individually made by hand and customizable.
*Makes a great gift for the writer in your life.

$12.95 plus shipping and handling

Shipping to the U.S. only

Blank Homemade Journals
 Each journal has at least 50 (100 sides) cardstock pages
in mixed colors on a  .75" wire binder.
Great for Art Journaling!
Makes a great stocking stuffer!
Add a Journal Charm for the bling of it!
Cover colors will vary.
If you would like to custom order a color please email me at maryanndennis at comcast dot net.
Shipping to U.S. only


Fun Bookmarks for your favorite book

Antique Bronze or Silver tone
Bookmarks are 4.5 inches long, 3-D on both sides, 
Charms may vary according to availability
$9.95 includes Shipping within continental US only


Add One-of-a-Kind Whimsy to your Journal
with these Journal Charms

Journal Charms clip to the spiral binding.
You can add them to the outside
or to the inside to mark your most
special memories.

Handcrafted, one at a time.
No two Charms are exactly alike.
$6.95 includes Shipping within continental US only
Style options

Free Downloadables:

A no-frills Research Log. It's plain and simple and won't use up your color ink.
Submissions Log
Submissions Log in color
Expenses color
Book Shelf book ideas
Book Shelf book ideas color
Book Shelf to be read page
Book Shelf to be read page color
Virtual blog tours
Virtual blog tours color
Writing journal
Writing journal color



  1. Love your store! Especially the celtic cross stamp! I better put that on my "Santa List" :) Enjoy your site so much!!


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