Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review of Papa's Book of Mormon Christmas by Emma Rae Parker

Set in the early 1900s, the story follows a six-year-old named Alice who is spending the Christmas holiday with her grandfather. As they play in the snow and decorate cookies,
Alice cannot think about much else besides the toys Santa will be bringing her that night.
When Papa shares with her the story of his Christmas during the Civil War
where he was separated from his family and only had a new friend named Nephi for company,
Alice realizes that she might want to meet Nephi this Christmas too.
Papa's Book of Mormon Christmas
by Emma Rae Parker
illustrated by Alexa Terry Hanson
This is a tender little picture book that reminds all of us that there is more to Christmas
than all of the trappings and delights. Finding friends in the Book of Mormon really brings it to life. Kids want to know that the characters and the stories are real.
The illustrations are sweet and help portray the message.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

2 Cute Halloween Picture Books

Here are a couple of fun Halloween picture books for the wee ones.
Splat the Cat: What Was That?

Splat the Cat and his friend Spike have to rescue
a friend who went in the haunted house.
There is a surprise flap to lift on every page.
It is spooky good fun and the illustrations
are cute and quirky which makes for more fun.

Room on the Broom
by Julia Donaldson

Is there room on the broom for one more friend?
Always. And good thing too!
These friends prove to be great friends.
This is a cute story that teaches a sweet lesson about friendship.
The pictures are adorable.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Book Recommendations from Grandson 3.3

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Grandson 3.1

3.1 got these books for his birthday and loved them.
If your kids love adventure and inventive gadgets they'll love these books.
See what you think:

Secret Agent Jack Stalwart
The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur
by Elizabeth Singer Hunt

In The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur, Jack zooms to the city that never sleeps to try to solve the mystery of the missing Allosaurus toe. Starting at the Natural History Museum, Jack's detection takes him to a competitive grade-schooler determined to win the science fair with his experiment crossing his own dog with the DNA from the bone of a dangerous, carnivorous dinosaur. Soon the gargantuan creature is terrorizing New Yorkers and Jack must stop him before he devours the animals in the Central Park zoo!
The Search for the Sunken Treasure

In one of his most daring exploits, Jack goes down under -- literally -- to investigate the disappearance of a diver off the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Using everything in his backpack arsenal from anti-puke pills to a morphing suit, an egg-shaped submarine to Disappearing Milk, he exposes a deadly nest of pirates raiding a shipwreck site. Jack has to thwart their schemes, evade their attempts on his life, and escape the primordial hunger of three deadly species: a Komodo dragon, a set of sharks, and the most poisonous predators in the reef, the Irukandji jellyfish. Can he save the treasure and the diver, not to mention himself? Canny and resourceful,
Jack will delight readers and impress their parents. 
3.3 said this one is loaded with cool gadgets.

The Mystery of the Mona Lisa

In The Mystery of the Mona Lisa, Jack is sent to the Louvre Museum in Paris to track down the theft of the world's most beloved painting. He must match wits with a seemingly invisible mastermind in order to stop Leonardo's masterpiece from slipping into the criminal underground forever. Can Jack's Hypo-Disk overpower a glove that shoots laser beams from its fingertips? Jack's adventures in the city of light demonstrate once again that when it comes to outsmarting the baddies, Jack is the go-to agent with endless tricks up his sleeve. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Grandkids 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 Favorites

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Grandkids 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 
Walter the Farting Dog
by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray
illustrated by Audrey Colman

Warning: This book may cause flatulence. Walter is a fine dog, except for one small problem: he has gas. He can't help it; it's just the way he is. Fortunately, the kids Billy and Betty love him regardless, but Father says he's got to go! Poor Walter, he's going to the dog pound tomorrow. And then, in the night, burglars strike. Walter has his chance to be a hero.
Banned from the Beach

Mr. and Mrs. Crabbe are enjoying their seaside vacation . . . until a certain dog blows away their umbrella with an enormous fart. Before long, Walter is banned from the beach. While Walter is stuck in the beach house, Betty and Billy hunt for treasure out on a sandbar. As soon as they find a nickel, Mr. and Mrs. Crabbe elbow their way in. Soon all four get marooned during high tide. Will Walter hear their cries for help?

Trouble at the Yard Sale

Walter's family is holding a yard sale, but there are few customers. Walter, fartingcontentedly near Father, wonders why. When a man offers ten dollars for Walter, Father readily agrees. Walter wonders why. Walter is sad to leave his family behind, but relieved to discover that his new owner is a clown. Walter figures he will help the clown bring joy to children on their birthdays. But the clown has a dastardly plot: he will use Walter's gas to inflate balloons and then pop them to stun guards during bank robberies. Will Walter turn to the dark side? Of course not! He comes out a hero and is reunited with his family by doing what he does best.

Goes on a Cruise

Walter the Farting Dog is now a hero of the high seas!
Everybody is having a great time on a cruise . . . until a terrible odor permeates the ship. All signs point to Walter, and so he is first banished down below, with the stinky cheeses, and then into a lifeboat to float behind the ocean liner. Then catastrophe strikes! How long will the great cruise ship and its frightened passengers be marooned on the high seas? About as long as it takes Walter to digest that cheese!

Rough Weather Ahead

Book #3 takes the beloved mutt to new heights!
Professor Kompressor's anti-gas formula causes Walter to blow up like a balloon and float away. Just when it looks as though Walter's paws may never touch ground again, he encounters a flock of butterflies in distress. Only Walter's warm wind can save them from an icy death.

I read the first of this series--potty humor at its best. The first book is hilarious and the
illustrations are totally quirky adding to the humor. It caught me off guard. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

3 Book Favs of Granddaughter 3.1

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Granddaughter 3.1

3.1 loves the 5 Kingdom series by Brandon Mull

Sky Raiders
by Brandon Mull
Cole Randolph was just trying to have a fun time with his friends on Halloween (and maybe get to know Jenna Hunt a little better). But when a spooky haunted house turns out to be a portal to something much creepier, Cole finds himself on an adventure on a whole different level.

After Cole sees his friends whisked away to some mysterious place underneath the haunted house,
he dives in after them—and ends up in The Outskirts.

The Outskirts are made up of five kingdoms that lie between wakefulness and dreaming,
reality and imagination, life and death. It’s an in-between place. Some people are born there.
Some find their way there from our world, or from other worlds.

And once you come to the Outskirts, it’s very hard to leave.

With the magic of the Outskirts starting to unravel, it’s up to Cole and an unusual girl named Mira to rescue his friends, set things right in the Outskirts, and hopefully find his way back home…
before his existence is forgotten.

Why 3.1 likes this book:
It was a very interesting fantasy adventure. Cole is the main character.
I liked him because he was independent and all alone, with no back-up. It was a little scary. Here are some fun things from this book: giant cookies and a big puddle of milk, a boat made out of candy canes, and a forest of sweets made by a Shaper.
I would definitely recommend this book to a friend!

Other Books in the series:

#2 Rogue Knight

Cole Randolph never meant to come to The Outskirts, but when his friends were kidnapped on Halloween he had to try and save them. Now he’s trapped in a world that lies between wakefulness and dreaming, reality and imagination, life and death.

Cole’s hunt for his lost friends has led him to the kingdom of Elloweer. Accompanied by new friends Mira, Twitch, and Jace, Cole teams up with the resistance movement and joins the search for Mira’s sister Honor.

But Elloweer has grown unstable. A mysterious enemy is wiping out towns, leaving no witnesses or survivors. And an infamous rebel known throughout the kingdom as the “Rogue Knight” is upsetting the balance of power.

With enemies in pursuit, Cole and Mira must resort to a fascinating new kind of magic to protect themselves. Every move is filled with danger as Cole and his friends try to outwit the High King, who will stop at nothing to regain what he has lost.

#3 Crystal Keepers

Cole Randolph ventures to a new kingdom as he continues his search for his friends—and also pursues his quest to mend what has gone awry with the magic in The Outskirts. Can he overcome the challenges ahead, or will he be stranded forever in a world between reality and imagination?

Coming March 2016

#4 Death Weavers