Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mary or Martha: Who are you more like?

Mary versus Martha

It's easy to categorize myself as either a Mary or a Martha. In reality, they both struggle inside me, like little imps on my shoulder enticing me one way or the other.

It's more like a tug-of-war. For the majority of the time, I'd have to say Martha has the upper hand. She's a list maker, very organized and sees to the needs of others. I think she was the oldest sister

who had to grow up fast with a lot of responsibilities.

Sometimes Mary takes charge. She reminds me that people are always more important, that I need to stop what I'm doing when a child wants to tell me something.

I know that Mary has won when I take a few moments to sit on my front porch and count how many different bird songs I hear, or breathe in the lavender and apple blossoms.

Martha is the one who keeps the house up and the clutter down. She remembers friends' birthdays and can manage making an extra dinner for a neighbor in need.

Mary is the one who makes time to be creative, the one who is truly grateful for what she has. She makes time to ponder, she's more positive by nature, and rarely complains.

Martha is a hard worker. She may be a little more negative at times, but if something really bothers her she will do whatever is necessary to change her situation.

Mary is content to sit and listen while Martha's contentment comes from accomplishing tasks.

Currently, Martha is trying to convince me that working full time hours would be more practical than writing. My work hours are worth a lot and so far I haven't earned anything from my writing. I've only incurred expenses and self-imposed deadlines.

Mary argues that life is short. She even pulled out a calculator to show me that it would take almost as many years to get completely out of debt as it would if I stayed part time.

I think Mary won this one. Or did she?