Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to use Your Journal to Your Benefit

I've posted a couple of times about the benefits gained from journaling.

Today I'm going to discuss a few more things I hadn't thought of before.

List making:
Lists help us organize our priorities. I learned the value of making lists while in college. I used to map out all my assignments on a desk calendar so I could see what was due when. Nowadays, I'm a BIG list maker--huge. I live most of my life by lists. Here is my List of lists:
To-do lists
Shopping list
Menu list
Projects list
Passwords list
Story ideas list
Goals list
Favorite Quotes list
Just to name my most used lists.

The point is--make lists in your journal instead of on the scrap of paper that gets lost, except for your shopping list. I doubt that I'd take my journal to the store. But, I think you get the point.

List the desires of your heart and how to make them come to pass.

List your trials on one side of the page and Count your Blessings on the other side. You may be surprised that your blessings outnumber your trials.

Another very therapeutic benefit to journaling is writing a letter to someone who has passed on, someone you miss terribly, or someone you might not have had the chance to get to know. I've written letters I never sent to authors or composers just to channel my feelings about the song that touched my heart. I've journaled meaningful lyrics. I wrote a letter from my sweet baby granddaughter who recently passed to her parents. It was a great healing tool for me. I could feel her influence as I wrote. She wasn't bitter or angry. She was grateful for the five months she did have.

I feel that I'm just now reaching the "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to journaling. There are so many undiscovered benefits yet to find, but you'll never find them until you try. There were many child-raising years where I convinced myself I simply did not have the time, and I wonder at all of the benefits I could've had.

Keeping a journal has commandment status for members of my church. It goes along with keeping family records. I don't think we'll be punished if we don't do it, but it's one of those commandments meant only to bless our lives in ways we'll never comprehend until we try it--much like tithing, or keeping moms in the home.

How has keeping a journal benefitted your life?