Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Book Review--Turning pages by Tristi Pinkston

Turning Pages by Tristi Pinkston YA Sweet Romance

First off--the cover is beautiful, and I love titles with double meanings.

Picture Massachusetts in the fall . . .
Addie Preston has already suffered the loss of her birth mother when she was a baby. Recently, she lost her father in a car crash and her step mother is recovering from the same accident and hasn't been able to work.

Addie is majoring in Library Science with the dream of spending her life in this work. Along comes Blake, handsome, a bit arrogant, and unknowingly takes Addie's promotion right out from under her. Not only that, but the City Council has decided to tear down her beloved, historical library to build something bigger. The old library holds so many memories of spending time with her father that it breaks her heart when she gets the news.

Next, she finds out that her step-mother has to sell their home and buy smaller. On top of it all, the boy she's loved her entire life not only does not reciprocate her feelings, but has used her thoughtlessly as the "backup".

Addie chronically locks her keys inside her sometimes working car and is in constant need of rescue. Enter Blake again to save the day and add to her humiliation.

Addie's plate is overflowing with all kinds of stresses (there's more that I haven't mentioned), yet her story is written with humor, hope, and a hint of Jane Austen (it's not just a re-write of Pride and Prejudice, either).
All together, it makes for a delightful weekend escape. I would've liked the last chapter to last longer and go slower, but then I never like to leave Tristi's books when I get to the end.

You can buy Turning Pages here:

Turning Pages

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Morning Motivation--My top 8 Whys

Why is it:

8) that good guys or bad guys think they can aim and shoot while running or riding horseback?

7) that no one seems to notice the guy sitting in the car on a stakeout, trying to look nonchalant?

6) that chasers don't follow at a discreet distance and chasees don't notice until it's too late?

5) that people don't carefully peek around corners before exposing their fully-extended gun arm, enabling the bad guy to karate chop the gun out of their hands?

4) that people run out in the open when being chased by cars, instead of off to the side where they can dodge at the last minute?

3) that gorgeous female cops and detectives always run in high heels?

2) that the person being chased always runs UP? Up stairs, Up mountains, Up everything. Where are you going to go when you run out of UP?

1) that the bad guy can't resist the urge to show everyone what a diabolical genius he is by divulging the entire plot?

There are some exceptions to these ponderings, but most TV crime dramas, and mysteries end up making the same mistakes. It didn't work out in the last movie, but wait, maybe it'll work out the next time.

Make it a good Monday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Book Review--Paige by Annette Lyon (#3 of The Newport Ladies Book Club)

Paige by Annette Lyon

Paige is a young, single mom who has moved from Utah to Newport Beach with her two "little men" seeking a new life.

Injured by the heartbreak and injustice of an unfaithful husband and friend, Paige learns that giving service and support to a group of new friends found in a book club, brings strength into her own life.

As the only LDS member of the group, Paige has an objective understanding of the Atonement that she can strengthen others with, but has yet to apply it in her own life. I liked how Paige was not afraid to learn wisdom from women of other faiths.

Although we feel Paige's soul-rending heartbreaks, the tone of the book is lighter and more hopeful. It ends as it should, though I'd like to jump a few years into the future.

I think all of the authors have done a tremendous job blending their voices to give us a seamless story. This series would make a lovely movie.

If you enjoy women's fiction, you'll enjoy reading this.

Meet the authors:
Josi Kilpack, Annette Lyon, Julie Wright, Heather Moore

Here is their website:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Movie Review--Brave

I have to say that I loved the soundtrack and the scenery of the 10th century Scottish Highlands. The animation made me feel as if I was surrounded by forests, cliffs, and the ocean.

I loved the character voices. I could've listened to their accents all day. Kelly MacDonald was Princess Merida, Emma Thompson was her mother, Queen Elinor, and Billy Connolly was her father, King Fergus. Other talents include Robbie Coltrane, Craig Ferguson and John Ratzenberger (they can't do one without him).

I loved the female heroine, Princess Merida. She's beautiful, tough and a cunning archer. I also enjoyed the mystical magic of the will o' the wisps.

But. . . the plot fell. To me it was Little Mermaid recycled. What a shame to waste all of that beautiful imagery and animation on a not-so-original story.

The thing that bothered me the most, however, was not the plot, nor the cruder-than-usual humor, but the scene where King Fergus and his cronies climb down from the tower using their pants tied together for a rope. The next thing you see are a bunch of naked butts running.

Yes, I realize this was only an animation, but it is not the sort of thing I want my grandkids to see and get the idea that it's funny or okay to do that.

I have always felt safe taking my kids and grandkids to Disney/Pixar movies. I hold them to a higher standard and they let me down.

Part of it was my fault. I assumed it was rated G, like most Disney/Pixar movies (the only exception is The Incredibles, probably for violence). Brave is rated PG. Next time I'll pay more attention to the rating.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Morning Motivation

A friend of mine recently commented that her husband, a new writer, had a hard time with new ideas distracting him from his current work in progress.

How do you deal with that?

I am surrounded with notebooks and journals of ideas that creep up behind me seeking to thwart my concentration. My mind runs away with them from time to time.

My solution?

I keep a section in my planner called "The Bookshelf". In this section I keep a list of TBRs. I have quite a stack and I need to write reviews on most of them, so it's important to keep a list in order of when they are due.

But, the most important thing I keep in my bookshelf are my ideas. There are hundreds of them waiting in the pages for me to remember them and give them life. I write down the dreams I can still remember by morning. I write down every little nagging thought that begs to be heard.

If I don't, those little voices just about drive me crazy, all clamoring for my attention. I find that once I put them down on paper they seem willing to quiet themselves for now and patiently wait for another day. Then I can get back to my wip.

Voices in my head? Yep, don't be so surprised. I've heard it said that "writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia." ~E. L. Doctorow

How do you deal with the voices in your head?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Book Review and Giveaway--Curse of the Beast by Ashley Lavering

Curse of the Beast by Ashley Lavering  YA Paranormal

Just another werewolf story you say? Au contraire. This is a unique weave of legend, myth and fairy tale into suspense.

The main character, Tayla, definitely has her share of conflicts and struggles, more than the average teen--and that's her normal life. She is the iconic hero, injured but has untapped strength.

The climax builds upon question after question. Just when I think I know where the story is headed another twist surfaces.

We're left at the end with a lot of unknowns to be answered in Book 2. Some of my questions were answered, but I had the feeling a lot was left unsaid.

Aside from a sprinkling of typos, I found it to be a fun read. I enjoyed the plot and the characters. I look forward to finding more answers in Book 2 which comes out in about six months.

Oh, and did I mention a giveaway?! Ashley is doing lots of giveaways. To win a free ebook copy, leave me a lovely comment about your favorite scary fairy tale, along with your email address, by midnight August 6th (MDT). Thanks!

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Ashley Lavering
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