Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Book Review--Turning pages by Tristi Pinkston

Turning Pages by Tristi Pinkston YA Sweet Romance

First off--the cover is beautiful, and I love titles with double meanings.

Picture Massachusetts in the fall . . .
Addie Preston has already suffered the loss of her birth mother when she was a baby. Recently, she lost her father in a car crash and her step mother is recovering from the same accident and hasn't been able to work.

Addie is majoring in Library Science with the dream of spending her life in this work. Along comes Blake, handsome, a bit arrogant, and unknowingly takes Addie's promotion right out from under her. Not only that, but the City Council has decided to tear down her beloved, historical library to build something bigger. The old library holds so many memories of spending time with her father that it breaks her heart when she gets the news.

Next, she finds out that her step-mother has to sell their home and buy smaller. On top of it all, the boy she's loved her entire life not only does not reciprocate her feelings, but has used her thoughtlessly as the "backup".

Addie chronically locks her keys inside her sometimes working car and is in constant need of rescue. Enter Blake again to save the day and add to her humiliation.

Addie's plate is overflowing with all kinds of stresses (there's more that I haven't mentioned), yet her story is written with humor, hope, and a hint of Jane Austen (it's not just a re-write of Pride and Prejudice, either).
All together, it makes for a delightful weekend escape. I would've liked the last chapter to last longer and go slower, but then I never like to leave Tristi's books when I get to the end.

You can buy Turning Pages here:

Turning Pages

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