Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Book Review and Giveaway--Curse of the Beast by Ashley Lavering

Curse of the Beast by Ashley Lavering  YA Paranormal

Just another werewolf story you say? Au contraire. This is a unique weave of legend, myth and fairy tale into suspense.

The main character, Tayla, definitely has her share of conflicts and struggles, more than the average teen--and that's her normal life. She is the iconic hero, injured but has untapped strength.

The climax builds upon question after question. Just when I think I know where the story is headed another twist surfaces.

We're left at the end with a lot of unknowns to be answered in Book 2. Some of my questions were answered, but I had the feeling a lot was left unsaid.

Aside from a sprinkling of typos, I found it to be a fun read. I enjoyed the plot and the characters. I look forward to finding more answers in Book 2 which comes out in about six months.

Oh, and did I mention a giveaway?! Ashley is doing lots of giveaways. To win a free ebook copy, leave me a lovely comment about your favorite scary fairy tale, along with your email address, by midnight August 6th (MDT). Thanks!

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  1. wow..really?? I think that book was so awesome.
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  2. Where can I get a copy of the book? The library does not have it.

    I don't remember being particularly scared of any fairy tales. But if I were to choose one, it would be the three little pigs. They were stalked by the wolf and two of them were eaten. I find the idea of someone watching and stalking me to be frightening.

  3. Thanks for hosting me Mary Ann! It was fun to read the comments also. Camille, the book is on the nook and kindle and can be bought at Happy Readings!

  4. I'm still looking for that scary fairytale cant wait to read this.

  5. To me Bambi was scary growing up. His dad was mean ( in my child's mind) and with the fight for your life with fire all around you, it kinda scared me.
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