Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine's Journal Prompts for Kids

Valentine's Journal prompts for kids and families:

Some families make sugar cookies or heart-shaped pancakes on Valentine's Day. Write about your favorite family tradition.

Write a thank-you note to your mom or dad for all of the things they do for you.

Write a thank you note to your teacher for all of the hard work he/she goes to for your class.

Make a list of people to send Valentines to, and what you like about each person.

Take some Valentine cookies to a neighbor and write about their reaction. Were they surprised? How did you feel afterwards?

Do secret good deeds for someone in your family. Did you get caught? Explain what you did to keep it a secret.

Give one of your neighbors a heart attack. Leave lots of Valentine messages at their door. Did you run? Did you get a chance to see your neighbors' reaction?

What did you do at school for Valentine's Day?

What was your favorite Valentine?
Who is your favorite Valentine?

Monday, January 29, 2018

5 Ways Journaling Changed my Life

I've mentioned the benefits of journaling in other posts. Today I'd like to share the 5 Ways Journaling Changed my Life.

1- List making:
Lists help me organize my priorities. I first learned the value of making lists while in college. I mapped out all my assignments on a desk calendar so I could see what was due when breaking the assignments down into smaller To-do lists.

Here is my List of favorite lists:
To-do lists
Shopping list
Menu planning list
Projects list
Passwords list
Story ideas list
Goals list
Blessings list--gratitude
Favorite Quotes list
Fitness Tracker
Contacts list and tracker

The point is--make lists in your journal instead of on the scrap of paper that gets lost. Even if I didn't make an official post in my journal, my list showed what my day looked like.

2- I journaled the desires of my heart and how to make them come to pass.

3- When feeling particularly overwhelmed, I listed my trials on one side of the page and counted my blessings on the other side. I was surprised that my blessings outnumbered my trials.

4- Another very therapeutic benefit to journaling is writing a letter to someone who has passed on, someone you miss terribly, or someone you might not have had the chance to get to know.

I wrote a letter from my sweet baby granddaughter who passed away to her parents. It was a great healing tool for me. I could feel her influence as I wrote. She wasn't bitter or angry. She was grateful for the five months she did have.

I've written letters I never sent to authors or composers just to channel my feelings about the song that touched my heart. I've journaled their meaningful lyrics so that when I look back they can touch me again.

5- Journaling encouraging quotes remind me to see the bigger picture and put everything in perspective. Positive affirmations build my self esteem.

I feel that I'm just now reaching the "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to journaling. There are so many undiscovered benefits yet to find. There were many child-raising years where I convinced myself I simply did not have the time, and I wonder at all of the benefits I could've had.

For members of the LDS faith, keeping journals is encouraged, along with keeping family records. I don't think journaling was meant to be that one-more-thing-to-do drudge. It was meant to bless our lives. You will only ever know the benefits when you try it.

How has keeping a journal blessed your life?

Monday, January 22, 2018

Say Goodbye to 2017

Yes, it's January 22 already, and I should've posted this on New Year's Eve, but it really didn't hit me until a week later...

Instead of looking back at 2017 negatively, with regret for all of the goals I didn't accomplish, I decided to write down all of the things I did do. You can see that I actually started this list in the Fall.

Wow! What a difference that made to me. I didn't get everything done on my list but I felt so much better about what I did do!

So my challenge to you is: sit down with an old calendar,
wrack your brain, and in your journal list everything you can remember accomplishing in 2017, big or small.

See if that doesn't make a difference to you!


Monday, January 1, 2018

What New Year's Resolutions?

I used to have a tradition of making New Year's resolutions. I decided this is a waste of time. And it's not that I'm going to break them. It's more that I believe setting goals is organic, something that evolves with me. I constantly change directions and I like being able to start over every day if I need to.

There is something I would like to change now...
This last Christmas I thought I really should touch base with family and friends and let them know that our family is well and find out how they are all doing. I wondered how long it had been since I contacted my own brother, weeks? Months? We usually keep in touch via email but that has been few and far between.

At my age I just can't take it for granted that my family, siblings and cousins are always going to be there, and me either, for that matter. So I decided I really want to do a better job of keeping in touch with family and close friends.

The top printable is A5 size and the bottom is 8 x 11.
There is room to fill in  contact information. X marks the box that is the easiest way to contact them. Frequency can be marked with
D = daily, W = weekly,
M = monthly, Q = quarterly
or Y = yearly.

The tracker allows me to mark how often that contact wants or needs to be contacted, then there are monthly boxes that I can mark when I contacted them last.
Remember, you can access my FREE Library of printables just by signing up for my email list.

Here are some bigger pictures so you can see detail:
This is the 8 x 11 size.

This is the A5 size. It does need to be trimmed.

Speaking of another non-resolution,
here is a picture of my fitness spread:

As you can hopefully see, each triangle is worth 15 minutes. I get to color in a triangle for every15 minutes I spend gardening, doing household chores, taking a walk, shopping, or on the treadmill, yoga or strength training. You'd be surprised how motivating
it is to be able to color in a square.
I doodle in the larger squares (usually a journey of Harry Potter through one of his books = total nerd, I know). It's kinda like reaching smaller goals along the way.
This one has not been made into a printable yet--still trying to figure it out. It didn't work out so well in Excel.

Happiest of New Years to you!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Review of Xyron Creative Station Sticker Maker

This is not an affiliate post and the color of the sticker maker is silver, not pink.
Ooops! I have no idea why the color changed.

I bought this fun, little toy a few weeks ago and so far I am delighted. If I knew making stickers was so much fun,
I would've bought this a long time ago.

This one is 9 inches wide, but it will use either 9 inch wide film
or 5 inch wide film.

This is the front tray in the real color.

This is where the stickers come out on one sheet.

This is the side view that shows you the handle. It folds and tucks into that hole so you can store it easier.

My 6 Steps:

First find the cute graphics, photo, whatever you want to turn into a sticker and cut them out.

I got these cute graphics from

Line them up on the tray.
I have three rows lined up. The first row I have to feed in a little farther to get started. I had to feed each row in as the previous row went through. Make sure you allow plenty of space
between your cut-outs.

Turn the handle clockwise and your stickers come through. You can see here that one of my stickers did not feed through until a little later.

They almost overlap, but whew, not quite. They will work out.

Ooh, sorry, blurred.
Use the cutter on the feed to cut your sticker sheet off.

Peel off the top plastic film.

There you have your sticker sheet. All you have to do at this point is peel your sticker off the backing and place wherever you want.

These stickers are going to one of my grandkids.

Did I mention that this does NOT use heat or even electricity?
You can let your kids make stickers or laminate
without having to hover.
It can also laminate and make magnets.
It all depends on the type of film cartridge you use in your unit.

In the past, I cut out my shapes and put double stick tape on them, which is ok, but not as much fun. I love making stickers for my journal and my grandkids. It is supposed to be safe for photos.
I gave it a try and it sticks well.
I guess time will tell if it's really safe.

Have fun!